Fireplace stove EIFFEL black/grey

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Fire in 3D

A simple design and a beautiful fire with a view, that's what it's all about. The 3D effect thanks to the triple glazing, the slim gray or shiny black body of the EIFFEL stove and the hearth in a higher position make the view of the flame stand out. Women will definitely appreciate the possibility of a storage box with a door under the fireplace, because there will be no dust and mess anywhere.

Men or technicians, in turn, the possibility of connecting an external air supply either from the back or from the bottom. Controlling the stove is then a piece of cake thanks to the simple Easy Control regulator.

And why are these stoves also suitable for low-energy and passive houses? Because they have low power and are certified for gas tightness - this is hidden under the RLU label.

  • Automatic door closing
  • Lockable air supply
  • Easy Control – comfortable air supply control
  • External air supply
  • Certified gas tightness
  • Tertiary combustion
Color design: black, gray
Power: 2.9 – 6.3 kW
Dimensions: 1352 / 527 / 561 mm
Weight: 164 kg
Flue diameter: 150 mm
Flue outlet: top / rear
Efficiency : 81 %
Heating capacity: 113 m3
Fuel : Wood
Energy class: A+

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