Fireplace stove PINEROLO talc coating

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Each piece is an original – a natural covering that retains heat

The Pinerolo fireplace stove offers a good dose of modern technology under the massive cladding made of natural stone. Stone cladding has the ability to accumulate. So you can enjoy the pleasant warmth long after the fire has gone out.

In addition, Pinerolo fireplaces are equipped with our unique air control method Easy Control. By moving the lever up and down, you regulate the burning intensity. If you are not using the stove, you can also lock it thanks to the regulator. The heat from the room will not escape through the chimney.

* Closeable air supply to the fireplace

* Easy control – comfortable air supply control

*External air supply - suitable for low-energy buildings

*Heat accumulation

*Tertiary combustion

* Cast iron door with 3-point closing

Color version: black / talc
Power: 3.0 – 6.4 kW
Dimensions: 1004 / 540 / 519 mm
Weight: 208 kg
Flue diameter: 150 mm
Flue outlet: top / rear
Efficiency :82 %
Heating capacity: 115 m3
Fuel : Wood
Energy class: A+


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