Fireplace insert with heat exchanger NOVARA 17

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Heat for the whole house

The Novara 17 fireplace insert with heat exchanger impresses with its large glass door. They are anthracite in color and contain anti-reflective glass that protects your hands from burns. Thanks to double glazing, combustion takes place inside at higher temperatures, the glass stays clean for longer, not black.

The Novara 17 fireplace insert with heat exchanger can heat the entire family house. In addition, it already has a built-in cooling loop that acts as protection against overheating in the event of a power failure.

If you decide not to use the heat exchanger, just remove it and replace it with a cover.

Color version: anthracite
Power: .2 – 17.4 kW
Exchanger power: 10.8 kW
Dimensions: 1720 / 778 / 566 mm
Weight: 283 kg
Flue diameter: 180 mm
Flue outlet: top / rear
Efficiency: 90 %
Heating capacity: 314 m3
Fuel : Wood
Energy class: A+

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