Self-heating mattresses for dogs and cats


Samonahřívací pratelná matrace

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  • This comfortable self-heating pad is suitable for all dogs and cats.
  • Ideal for pets who have joint problems or just like warmth.
  • The pad is made of two parts.
  • The top cover is a washable lamb, the inner part of the mattress is covered with a durable aluminum foil that reflects heat. It is not dependent on any heat source
  • You can place the mat directly on the floor, sofa, bed. Wherever your pet likes to lie down


* pro koťata a štěnata

*pro starší mazlíčky, náchylnější na prochladnutí

* pro psy a kočky mající problémy s klouby

* pro všechna zvířata , která si užívají komfort


Rozměr 90 x 64 cm


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