Romo RWF24100M

16 990  including VAT

    • Pre-filled washing machine with a capacity of up to 10 kg of laundry
    • Spin speed up to 1400 rpm.
    • Energy saving class A +++ (-60%)
    • LED display and control panel in Czech
    • The revolutionary EkoTerm water heating system
    • Direct injection of water and detergents DuoJet
    • Quiet, economical and reliable inverter motor
    • 15 washing programs, temperature control by 10 ° C
    • Choice of economical or fast washing mode and the possibility of setting the degree of soiling and the type of stains
    • ECO system for saving detergents
    • Annual energy / water consumption: 89kWh / 9020l
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product description

Předem plněná pračka s kapacitou až 10 kg suchého prádla; en. štítek: A+++ (-60%) / A / B; až 1400 otáček při odstřeďovaní s regulací; ovládací panel v češtině; dotykové ovládání s ergonomickým otočným voličem a LED displejem; tichý, úsporný a spolehlivý invertorový motor; EkoTerm – průtokový systém ohřevu vody pro maximální účinnost praní a úsporu energie; DuoJet – přímé vstřikování vody a pracích prostředků dovnitř bubnu; Perlový buben – speciální struktura bubnu pro maximálně šetrné praní prádla; 15 programů / 6 teplot: mj. Rychlý 12′, Rychlý 60′, Ruční praní, Džíny, Antialergický, Tmavé prádlo nebo Barevné prádlo; možnost nastavení míry zašpinění a druhu skvrn; volba režimu praní úsporný/rychlý; funkce odložený start /až o 23 hodin/; ochrana proti přetečení / nadměrnému pěnění; autodiagnostika poruch, dětský zámek; systém kontroly vyvážení

Inverter motor

ROMO is proud to present the latest generation of inverter (otherwise also brushless) motors, which are not only incomparably quieter and more economical than conventional motors, but are also much more durable and reliable. Thanks to the absence of classic carbons and brushes, these motors are significantly less prone to mechanical wear and will serve you long and reliably. Inverter motors drive models RWF24100M, RWF2481M, RWF1490B, RWF1481B and RWF1470B.

Energy class A +++ (-20%)

Washing machines classified in energy class A +++ (-20%) have an electricity consumption up to 20% lower than required for inclusion in energy class A +++.

Setting the degree of soiling of the laundry

this clever feature allows you to adjust the performance of the washing machine exactly to your current needs. You can choose from three levels: for mild, normal and heavy soiling. The aim is to achieve perfect cleanliness of the laundry with the contribution of the smallest possible portion of time, water and energy.

Selection of the type of stains

With Romo washing machines, you no longer have to worry about setting the temperature and length of the washing program correctly to effectively remove traces of coffee, oil, sweat, grass and other stubborn substances.
Thanks to the function for selecting the type of stains with pre-prepared automatic programs, the washing machine sets the temperature and washing times, as well as other additional functions, without the need for your intervention.

Economy / accelerated program mode

thanks to this function, you can choose whether you want to speed up the washing program even at the cost of slightly higher consumption, or whether you prefer to choose lower consumption even with a slightly longer washing time. Both options reliably and safely lead to the same result, which is perfectly clean laundry.

4 year extended warranty

This appliance is covered by the "4 year extended warranty" promotion.

Delayed start

Washers and dryers equipped with this handy feature allow you to set the start of a time-shifted washing or drying program, whether to save money, time or for any other reason. You simply put the laundry into the drum, set everything comfortably and choose a delay time from 1 to 24 hours. The appliance takes care of the rest itself.

Quick program 12 min.

It also sometimes happens that you have clothes in your wardrobe that you wore only once and that you need to freshen up rather than wash? Don't want to ruin your favorite clothes unnecessarily by washing at high temperatures? Aren't you going to waste time, water and electricity washing almost clean laundry? You have won with the new ROMO washing machines! We present you the shortest washing program on the market with a duration of 12 minutes (at a temperature of 30 ° C). The optimal program for quick refreshment of laundry.

Duojet function

The revolutionary DuoJet technology comes with the direct injection of a precisely dosed mixture of water and detergent into the washing machine drum using two nozzles that are connected to an additional recirculation pump.
The result is great savings on detergents while minimizing washing time. The RWF1490B and RWF1481B are equipped with DuoJet functions.


The revolutionary EkoTerm technology used in the RWF1490B washing machine brings a completely new perspective on the area of economical operation of household appliances. EkoTerm technology makes it possible to achieve a higher water temperature in a much shorter time by heating the water with a flow heater directly during its circulation. The result is a truly dramatic reduction in electricity consumption. The top model ROMO RWF1490B consumes up to 60 % less energy than appliances classified in the currently most energy-efficient class A +++. For ROMO washing machines, the current energy barriers are simply too narrow.

Pearl drum

The innovative pearl structure of the drum of selected models of ROMO washers and dryers redefines the concepts of gentleness and economy of washing and drying laundry. The special surface of the drum guarantees much better protection of your laundry, so ROMO washing machines and dryers with a pearl drum do not have to be afraid to entrust even the finest fabrics, they will always be taken care of with the highest possible care.

Short / fast programs

Romo washing machine programs are designed to always wash in the shortest possible time, but at the same time in a high-quality and efficient way. Programs for which the consumption indicated on the energy label is tested (eg 60 ° C cotton) are not artificially extended and have a reasonable length (up to 2 hours) and high efficiency.


Using error messages on the display, Romo washing machines will alert you to, for example, a closed water supply, a clogged drain or a clogged filter. In the case of communication with the service, the self-diagnostics of Romo washing machines will help speed up the determination of the defect or completely eliminate the need to visit a service technician.

Automatic detection of the amount of laundry

The electronics of Romo washing machines can adjust the length of the program and the intensity of spinning according to the amount and absorbency of the laundry during washing. This saves your time, energy and always ensures a perfect washing result.

ECO system

The specially developed system in the waste hose simply prevents the powder from escaping during the first wash cycle and allows up to 100% of the powder to be dissolved and fully utilized in a water bath. With the EKO system, which is equipped with all Romo washing machines, the detergent dosage can be reduced by up to 1/3.

Durable heater

Romo washing machines are equipped with a special heating element covered with a protective alloy. It is more durable than conventional heaters, which extends the life of the washing machine and prevents an increase in electricity consumption.

Technical parameters

Basic parameters

Washing machine type: Freestanding
Fulfillment: Front
Washing machine color: White with black door and stainless steel / black panel
Capacity: 10
Maximum spin speed: 1400
Washing machine energy class: A +++ (-60%)
Washing efficiency: AND
Spin efficiency: B
Display: LCD
Brushless motor: Yes
Automatic filling weighing: Yes
Door diameter: 47 cm
Inlet diameter: 33 cm
Stainless steel drum: Yes
Drum volume: 62 l
ECO system: Yes
EkoTerm - instantaneous water heating: Yes
DuoJet - direct injection of water and detergent into the drum: Yes
Pearl drum for maximum gentle laundry: Yes
Bath type: Polypropylene


Number of programs: 15
Washing programs: Vlna, Máchání, Sportovní oděvy, Rychlý 12 min., Bavlna, Bavlna s předpírkou, Bavlna 20°, Džíny / Tmavé oděvy, Lůžkoviny, Ruční praní, Odstředění + vypouštění, Antialergický, Barevné prádlo, Eko 40-60, Denní 60′


Laundry drying function: No
Washing machine functions: Easy ironing, Prewash, Dirt level setting, Stain type setting, Add rinsing, Quick or economy wash mode selection
Delayed start of washing: up to 23h


Washing machine safety functions: Child lock, Uneven load detection, Excessive foaming detection

Consumption and noise

Annual energy consumption (kW / year): 89 kWh
Annual water consumption: 9,020 l
Washing noise: 53 dB
Spin noise: 74 dB
Power consumption (W): 2,200 W

Size and weight

Height (cm): 84.5 cm
Width (cm): 59.7 cm
Depth (cm): 58.2 cm
Net weight (kg): 79.5 kg

Dimensions and weight in the package

Height (cm): 88.1 cm
Width (cm): 64.1 cm
Depth (cm): 66 cm
Gross weight (kg): 81 kg

Additional information

Dimensions 58.2 × 59.7 × 84.5 cm


Energy Class



Washing capacity

Number of revolutions