Romo RVD6031W

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  • Dishwasher for 15 sets with automatic door opening, cutlery compartment, Direct Wash system in energy class A +++
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product description

Freestanding dishwasher; En. Class A +++ AA; White color design; 15 sets of dishes; 9 programs / 7 temperatures; White LED display + electronic control; Quiet, economical and reliable inverter motor; Third EasyTray cutlery drawer divided by 1/2; Height-adjustable upper basket even under load; Folding holders for glasses and mugs; EcoWash half load washing (3 modes); Automatic door opening after the end of the Auto Door program; Additional Direct Wash nozzles for direct washing of glass and cups; Triple Wash additional arm for heavily soiled dishes; Optional operating modes Extra quiet / extra fast; Turbo Fan drying system; Protection against overflow and leakage of water; Washing cycle and program end indicator; Salt and polish level indicator; Stainless steel filter; Possibility to use tablets; Annual energy / water consumption: 241 kWh / 2520 l; Noise 44 dB (A); Product dimensions (HxWxD): 85-87 x 59.8 x 59.8 cm; Weight: 53 kg

Brushless motor

ROMO is proud to introduce you to a new generation of brushless motors, which are not only incomparably quieter and more economical than conventional motors, but are also much more reliable. Thanks to the absence of conventional carbons, brushless motors are significantly less prone to wear and will serve you long and reliably.

Energy class A +++

Appliances classified in energy saving class A +++ boast very low electricity consumption.

Auto Door

For maximum efficiency of drying dishes, it is necessary to ensure adequate removal of hot and humid air out of the dishwasher. This is also aided by this seemingly very simple, but extremely useful function, which automatically opens the dishwasher door after the end of the washing cycle. This ensures a significant reduction in the time required to dry the dishes.

ECO Wash

You can switch on the Romo dishwasher without remorse, even if it is only half full. The ECO Wash function enables the washing of a smaller amount of dishes with adequate energy and time savings. The ECO Wash function offers a total of 3 washing modes: only in the upper basket, only in the lower basket and in both baskets at the same time. In all cases, less water and detergent are used, which in turn significantly shortens the washing time.

Extra fast operation

Romo dishwashers are always able to adapt to the needs of their users. By activating the Extra fast function, the dishwasher automatically increases the temperature and water pressure, thus significantly reducing the washing time. This is useful if you are in a hurry or need to wash a large amount of dishes at once.

Extra quiet operation

You will appreciate the additional function Extra quiet operation, for example, in the evening and at night, when the most important parameter of any appliance is inaudible operation. However, even though your dishwasher will be as quiet as a mouse due to the lower washing intensity, you do not have to worry about the final result. The dishes will be perfectly clean as in the normal program

Third top cutlery shelf

Thanks to the 1/3 ratio, the top cutlery shelf can always be adapted to your needs. You can load it in its entirety, or just any part of it. Perfectly clean cutlery and other kitchen utensils, as well as incomparably better accessibility and handling compared to conventional cutlery baskets, these are the main advantages of the third Romo dishwasher shelf.

Turbo Fan

Thanks to the additional system of high-performance forced air circulation Turbo Fan, which efficiently removes saturated moist air, your dishes will be perfectly dry in a few moments. No more tedious waiting, your dishes are almost immediately ready for further use or storage in the cupboard.

Triple Wash

The special additional rotating nozzles located in the lower part of the dishwasher take care of the dry, greasy and otherwise resistant dirt on your dishes and leave it perfectly clean. What would need to be scrubbed with a wire is a toy for the Triple Wash system.

Direct Wash

The system of practically shaped grooves connected to nozzles located immediately below the upper basket guarantees direct access to a strong stream of water inside glasses, cups and mugs and thus always perfectly clean and shiny dishes.

Technical parameters

Basic parameters

Dishwasher type: Freestanding
Number of dishes: 15
Color: White
Dishwasher energy class: A +++
Washing class: AND
Drying class: AND
Energy consumption (kWh / year): 241
Water consumption (l / year): 2 520
Standby power consumption: 1 W
Power consumption in off mode: 0.5 W
Filling hose length: 170 cm
Drain hose length: 200 cm
Brushless pump: Yes
Drying type: Turbo ventilation + automatic opening of the AutoDoor door


Number of temperatures: 7


Tablets All in One: Yes
Auto Door: Yes
Half load: Eco Wash (3 setting modes)
Extra fast wash function: Yes
Extra quiet wash function: Yes

Control panel

Remaining time display: Yes
Salt indication: Yes
Polish indication: Yes

Indoor equipment

Additional Direct Wash nozzles for washing glass: Yes
Additional Triple Wash arm for dry and resistant dirt: Yes
Third cutlery drawer: Easy Tray (divided in a ratio of 1: 2)
Wine glass holder: Yes
Folding spikes in the upper basket: Yes
Height-adjustable upper basket: Even under load
Detergent dispenser location: In the door
Modular bottom basket: Yes
Filter design: Stainless steel
Overflow protection: Yes

Size and weight

Height (cm): 85 cm
Minimum height (cm): 85 cm
Maximum height (cm): 87 cm
Width (cm): 59.8 cm
Depth (cm): 59.8 cm
Net weight (kg): 53 kg

Dimensions and weight in the package

Height (cm): 88.1 cm
Width (cm): 64.4 cm
Depth (cm): 66.1 cm
Gross weight (kg): 56 kg

Additional information

Dimensions 87 × 85 × 85 cm


Energy Class