Romo RCG5010E

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  • Stove with gas hob, white surface
  • Hot air oven with a volume of 65 l, 10 functions
  • Massive cast iron burners and grates
  • Gas leakage protection
  • Control knobs with integrated ignition
  • Oven interior lighting
  • Gray enamel for easy oven cleaning
  • Baking guide on the inside of the door
  • 3 glasses in the door with easy disassembly for easy cleaning
  • Shallow sheet metal, deep sheet metal, safety grate


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product description

Cooker 50 cm wide with gas hob and hot air electric oven in white; oven volume 65 l; en. class A; control knobs with integrated ignition; 10 oven functions including hot air, fast heating, defrost and grill; oven interior lighting; gray enamel for easy oven cleaning; baking guide on the inside of the door; 3 glass in the door with easy disassembly and cleaning; burners: 2 x 7.3 cm (medium power), 1 x 9.8 cm (high power), 1 x 5.3 cm (low power); solid cast iron burners and grates; gas leakage protection; drawer for accessories on wheels; Accessories: chrome-plated guide grates, chrome-plated safety grate, 1 x deep plate, 1 x shallow plate, 1 x telescopic extension; dimensions (H x W x D): 85 x 50 x 60 cm

Gas Stop

Gas Stop technology guarantees maximum safety in the operation of gas burners. Thanks to temperature sensors that continuously map the function of the burners, the Gas Stop system can automatically shut off the gas supply to the burners in the event of a flame, for example when food is boiled or drafts, to prevent gas leakage and subsequent fire or explosion.

Automatic ignition of burners

When the throttle is released and the button is pressed and held, the electric spark automatically ignites the burner. Matches or electric lighters are definitely history in the case of Romo stoves.

1 x telescopic extension

The oven is equipped with one set of telescopic pull-outs for comfortable handling of baking trays.

3 glasses in the door

All Romo stoves have a door with three layers of glass that can be very easily removed and cleaned. The three panes provide excellent thermal insulation, so you can be sure that you won't get burned by the door even at the maximum set temperature inside the oven. The upper side of the inner glass is additionally equipped with a practical program guide, which will make your daily cooking easier. You will no longer have to look for a manual, your stove will tell you with simple pictograms.

10 oven functions including hot air baking

Romo stoves are equipped with the following ten baking functions: Bottom heating, Bottom + top heating, Hot air baking, Bottom + top heating with fan on, Hot air baking with bottom heating on, Grill, Reinforced grill (Supergril), Reinforced grill with fan on, Defrosting and Quick preheating of the oven

Cast iron grates

Most Romo combination cookers with gas hobs have massive full-area cast iron grills. These durable racks guarantee perfect stability for all types of dishes and thus your safety during cooking.

Technical parameters

Basic parameters

Stove color: White
Multifunction oven: Yes
Oven volume (l): 65
Stove energy class: AND
Consumption - conventional baking (kWh): 0,99
Consumption - hot air baking (kWh): 0,87
Number of door windows: 3
Gray enamel for easy oven cleaning: Yes
Interior lighting: Yes
Display: No
Digital timer: No
Program guide on the inside of the door: Yes
Total power consumption (W): 3 100 W


Number of baking programs: 10
Fast heating: Yes
Thawing: Yes
Grill: Yes
Grill with fan: Yes
Bottom heating: Yes
Conventional heating: Yes
Conventional heating with fan: Yes
Reinforced grill: Yes
Hot air baking: Yes
Hot air baking + bottom heating: Yes


Hob: Gas
Number of cooking zones: 4
Control knobs with integrated ignition: Yes
Solid cast iron grates: Yes
Zone P rear (cm / W): 7,3 / 1,75
Zone P front (cm / W): 5,3 / 1
Zone L front (cm / W): 9,8 / 3
Zone L rear (cm / W): 7,3 / 1,75
Gas leakage protection: Yes


Telescopic extension: 1x
Guide ladders: Yes
Safety grate: Yes
Shallow sheet: Yes
Deep plate: Yes
Storage space for accessories: Drawer on wheels

Size and weight

Height (cm): 85 cm
Width (cm): 50 cm
Depth (cm): 60 cm

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 50 × 85 cm