Romo RCD080B

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product description

Capacity up to 8 kg of laundry; Energy class B; Condensation efficiency B; Annual energy consumption: 561 kWh; Condensation efficiency: 81%; Intuitive operation with rotary selector, buttons and LED display; delayed start; possibility of connection to waste; 15 programs; Anti-crease function; indication of clogged filter and full condensate tank; audible signaling of program interruption / termination; noise level: 66 dB; dimensions (H x W x D): 84.5 x 59.6 x 60.9 cm; weight: 35 kg

Short / fast programs

Romo washing machine programs are designed to always wash in the shortest possible time, but at the same time in a high-quality and efficient way. Programs for which the consumption indicated on the energy label is tested (eg 60 ° C cotton) are not artificially extended and have a reasonable length (up to 2 hours) and high efficiency.

Anti Crease – ochrana proti pomačkání prádla

Romo dryers are equipped with a practical Anti Crease function, which guarantees that your laundry will always be fragrant and fluffy. If you do not remove the laundry from the dryer immediately after the end of the drying program, this function is automatically activated, during which the drum rotates gently in both directions at regular intervals, thus reliably preventing the laundry from creasing.

Program Košile 12′

Rychlý sušící program Košile 12′ zvládne usušit 3 standardní košile již během 12 minut.

Program Expres 29′

Rychlý sušící program Expres 29′ dokáže usušit 8 kusů standardních košil již během 29 minut.

Delayed start

Washers and dryers equipped with this handy feature allow you to set the start of a time-shifted washing or drying program, whether to save money, time or for any other reason. You simply put the laundry into the drum, set everything comfortably and choose a delay time from 1 to 24 hours. The appliance takes care of the rest itself.

Laundry humidity sensor

The drying process is controlled by a reliable humidity sensor, which always guarantees energy-saving and even drying with the optimal duration of the program, but also allows the user to set the level and time of drying.

LED drum lighting

All Romo tumble dryers are equipped with LED lighting inside the drum, which lights up when the door is opened and the program of your choice is selected. When the program starts, it switches off automatically so that it lights up again when the drying program ends and the door is opened. LED lighting will make it much easier for you to load and unload laundry.

Technical parameters

Basic parameters

Dryer type: Pre-filled
Drying technology: Condensing
Dryer capacity: 8
Dryer color: White
Dryer door: Glass with plastic cover
Door diameter: 47 cm
Display: ICE
Drum volume: 112 l
Stainless steel drum: Yes
Turning the door opening direction: No
Drying sensor: Yes
Interior lighting: LED (single point)

Consumption and noise

Dryer energy class: B
Annual energy consumption (kWh): 561
Condensation efficiency class: B
Noise (dB (A)): 66 dB (A)
Power consumption: 2,700 W
Standard program for cotton, full load (kWh): 129
Standard program for cotton, half load (kWh): 76


Drying programs: Košile 12′, Bavlna extra sušení, Bavlna do skříně, Bavlna na žehlení, Syntetika do skříně, Syntetika na žehlení, Jemné, Časované sušení, Dětské, Přikrývky, Sport, Mix, Osvěžení vlny, Osvěžení, Expres 29′


Delayed start of drying: up to 23h
Remaining time display: Yes
Filter maintenance light: Yes
Tank full light: Yes
Shoe drying basket: Yes, as an optional extra (type DRR01)
Condensate drainage: Yes


Dryer safety functions: Sensors for gentle drying, Notification of drying end, Notification of full condensate tank, Child panel lock, Notification of filter clogging
Children's lock: Yes

Size and weight

Height (cm): 84.5 cm
Width (cm): 59.6 cm
Depth (cm): 60.9 cm
Net weight (kg): 35 kg

Dimensions and weight in the package

Height (cm): 88.1 cm
Width (cm): 64.1 cm
Depth (cm): 63.8 cm
Gross weight (kg): 37 kg

Additional information

Dimensions 60.9 × 59.6 × 84.5 cm


Energy Class