Romo CR390A ++

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  • A ++ combined refrigerator with freezer at the bottom
  • Color design: white
  • Net volume of the refrigerator / freezer: 245 l / 88 l
  • Fresh Protect - antiseptic inner surface
  • Indoor LED lighting
  • Automatic defrost
  • 4 adjustable safety glass shelves
  • "FAST FREEZE" socket
  • Freezing capacity 8 kg / 24 h / Endurance without current 20 h
  • 3 drawers in the freezer + narrow top drawer
  • Annual energy consumption 222 kWh


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product description

Energy class A ++; climate class N-ST; noise level 41 dB (A); Color design: white; total gross volume 350 l; annual energy consumption 222 kWh; electronic temperature control with mechanical control; possibility to change the door opening direction; dimensions (H x W x D): 200 x 60 x 65 cm;

Cooling part:net volume of the refrigerator 245 l; Fresh Protect - protection against the multiplication of microorganisms; automatic defrost; LED lighting; 4 adjustable safety glass shelves; chrome bottle holder; 2 drawers for fruits and vegetables; 6 hanging compartments in the door; egg holder;

Freezer:net freezer volume 88 l (****); freezing capacity 8 kg / 24 h; endurance without current 20 h; manual defrost; 3 all-plastic pull-out boxes, of which 1x Fast Freeze box for quick freezing of fresh food; 1x narrow drawer for small foods

Energy class A ++

Energy consumption is the most important parameter for refrigerators. Due to its constant operation, the refrigerator is the largest consumer of electricity in the household. The Romo brand therefore places maximum emphasis on reducing the consumption of refrigerators and freezers while maintaining excellent performance parameters. Most Romo appliances are classified in energy class A ++, which means that they consume 36 % less energy than refrigerators classified in energy class A. To give you an idea, these energy-saving refrigerators consume as much energy as a classic 25 W light bulb. All this while maintaining a freezing capacity of 8 kg / 24 ha and no electricity for up to 25 hours (for combined refrigerators).

Fast Freeze

During normal freezing at a temperature of -5 to -15 ° C, water molecules inside the food crystallize. These crystals destroy the fine internal structure and after thawing, most of the nutrients and minerals are contained in the defrost water. When using the FAST FREEZE function in Romo combination refrigerators and freezers, the temperature drops rapidly below -18 ° C. At this temperature, the freezing process is fast and the water crystals do not destroy the structure inside the fresh food. This function also prevents the temperature inside the freezer from rising sharply, eg after loading a large amount of fresh food, and keeps other frozen products at a safe temperature.

Low noise

Thanks to special technical solutions and the materials used, Romo refrigerators work very quietly and meet the strictest European requirements.

Fresh Protect

Thanks to the special protective layer of ROMO refrigerators, unwanted harmful microorganisms do not multiply inside the appliance and unpleasant odors do not form.

LED lighting

The integrated LED lighting perfectly illuminates every corner inside the refrigerator or freezer. LED technology is resistant to vibrations and temperature changes. Compared to conventional light bulbs, it consumes up to 80% less electricity, does not emit UV or infrared radiation and does not contain mercury. It is therefore not only very economical, but also safe and environmentally friendly.

Low consumption

Energy consumption is the most important parameter for refrigerators. The refrigerator consumes the most electricity in the home because it is constantly running.

Technical parameters

Basic parameters

Type: Freestanding
Refrigerator color: White
Total volume (l): 350
Total net volume (l): 333
Refrigerator energy class: A ++
Climate class: N-ST
Annual energy consumption (kW / year): 222
Accumulation time (endurance in case of power failure) (h, min): 20
Noise (dB (A)): 41
Temperature setting: Mechanical
Display settings: Mechanical
Display: No
Electronic temperature control: Yes
Defrosting: Automatic
Refrigerator lighting: ICE
Integrated evaporator: No
Changing the door opening direction: Yes
Stainless steel fingerprint protection: No
Antibacterial protection: Yes
Refrigerant: R600A
Number of compressors: 1
El. connection: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Adjustable legs: Yes
Wheels for easy relocation: No
Cooling part

Net volume of the cooling part (l): 245
Automatic refrigerator defrost: Yes
Glass shelves: Yes
Bottle holder: Yes
Number of safety glass shelves: 4
Fruit and vegetable compartment: Yes
Egg tray: Yes
Bottle door compartment: No
Freezing section

Contains freezing part: Yes
Freezer location: Down
Freezing class (indicated by the number of stars): 4*
Net freezer capacity (l): 88
Number of drawers: 3
Upper low drawer: Yes
Freezing capacity (kg / 24 h): 8
"Quick freeze" function: Yes
Size and weight

Height (cm): 200 cm
Width (cm): 60 cm
Depth (cm): 65 cm
Net weight (kg): 67 kg
Dimensions and weight in the package

Height: 205 cm
Width: 62 cm
Depth: 66 cm
Gross weight (kg): 72 kg


Additional information

Dimensions 65 × 60 × 200 cm




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