French fries slicer / French fries

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Manuální kráječ hranolek s vyměnitelným nástavcem

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  • The universal slicer is made of stainless steel
  • These are durable and hygienic materials that guarantee a long life of the device.
  • Thanks to the smooth surface, rounded edges and the possibility of quick removal of the blades, the slicer can be easily and thoroughly cleaned under running water.
  • In addition, the blades can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • The potato slicer is operated manually using a simple lever mechanism, so you can always use it quickly.
  • The fruit or vegetables are simply placed in the holder and pushed through the sharp and non-slip rubber handle over the sharp blades.
  • The device thus greatly facilitates the slicing of potatoes or other vegetables into sticks of the same size and also increases productivity in the kitchen.
  • If you mount the potato slicer on a vertical surface, it takes up almost no space in the kitchen.
  • Thanks to the holes on the legs, you can easily place it in the desired place and then mount it.
  • The vertical position allows even faster and more efficient work.
  • You can place a container under the French fries slicer into which the sliced vegetables will fall.


  • 3 replaceable blades with a cutting size of 6x6mm, 9 × 9 mm and 13 × 13 mm made of stainless steel
  • Weight 3.5 Kg

Dimensions 28 * 17 * 21.5 cm


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