Gastro welding vacuum cleaner 300W

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The welding vacuum cleaner sucks the air out of the bag in which you have previously placed the food and seals it airtight.
You can vacuum any food you can think of, and you can put it sealed in the freezer.
The vacuum preserves their freshness, taste, consistency and aroma and extends their shelf life up to 4 times!
Biscuits will remain crunchy, herbs will not lose their aroma, fruits and vegetables will be more resistant to destruction. If you load meat into a vacuum, the marinade will get into it much faster and more intensely. You will need a welder when cooking using the sous-vide method
Multifunction control panel:
Automated process, adjustable vacuum, welding and sealing time is adjustable
The whole process can be interrupted immediately by pressing a single button
Welding bar
is made of high-temperature resistant material, thanks to which exceptional welding performance and service life can be achieved.
Powerful vacuum pump
with a power of 300W
High-quality electrical components ensure not only excellent vacuum performance and high process speed, but also service life.
Transparent lid
made of organic glass with a safety clip for its tight closure and sealing.
The whole process can be easily monitored
Safety features
anti-slip feet
Vents on the side of the appliance prevent it from overheating for easy heat dissipation
Voltage: 220V / 60Hz
Motor power 300W
Vacuum chamber size: 340 x 300 x 70 mm - 7 liters
Effective seal length 320 mm
Vacuum pump output 1.8 l / 1 h
Material: stainless steel
Vacuum cleaner dimensions: 38 x 48 x 40 cm
Dogital control
Weight 30 Kg

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