Gastro welding vacuum cleaner 120W - 4.5 liters

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This desktop vacuum cleaner is an updated type of the popular vacuum packaging machine
Suitable for packaging all types of food, which will retain their quality, freshness and taste longer thanks to the vacuum.
This commercial vacuum machine is also suitable for vacuuming for the slow cooking method.
It is also possible to pack small items that need to be protected against moisture, mold and even insects (drugs, money, vouchers…)
Very easy and convenient to use.
low power consumption, weight and automatic operation
Suitable for shops, restaurants and households.
Vacuum chamber designed so cleanly, without visible electrical circuits.
Vents for easy heat dissipation
Transparent lid for easy process monitoring
Voltage: 220 V / 60 Hz
Motor power 120W
Vacuum chamber size: 330 x 275 x 50 mm - 4.5 liters
Welding strips length 260 mm
Maximum weld size 260 x 10 mm
Vacuum pump output 5.5l / 1s
Material: stainless steel
Lid material: organic glass
Packing speed 1 - 4 pcs / 1 minute
Vacuum cleaner dimensions: 41 x 31 x 29 cm
Digital control

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm