Refrigerator showcase Snaige CD40 DM

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  • Snaige CD40-DM refrigerated display case It is perfect for fresh goods shops, but also for restaurants, cafes and patisseries. You will appreciate it wherever you need to keep food cool, but at the same time you want to show it to your customers. This showcase is extremely narrowso it doesn't take up much space in the room. But it is high and offers great capacity 385 liters, dividing the interior wire shelves.
  • Glass door lock

It does not exceed the noise of the display case during operation value 43 dB. The dominant feature is a large glass door, on which it is placed elegantly large handle. You can easily open the door to take the food you just like from the display case. The door can also be to lockwhich you will appreciate after closing time; there is no danger of the food being stored being tampered with. According to your own preferences and needs, you can comfortably regulate the temperature in the interior in the range -2 to +14 ° C. There will be no icing on the walls or food due to the continuous automatic defrost.

• advertising light attachment
• consumption per day 2.14 kWh
• consumption year 781 kWh (with the light on at the advertising attachment)
• consumption year 756 kWh (with the light off at the advertising attachment)
• total gross volume of 385 liters
• total net volume of 360 liters
• Number of 0.5 l PET bottles 189
• Number of 0.33 cans 385
• cooling temperature -2 ° C - + 14 ° C
• automatic defrosting of the refrigerator
• climate class 3
• LED lighting
• fan
• noise level 43 dB
• 5 wire shelves
• 12.5mm shelf adjustment step
• refrigerant R600a
• 1 adjustable glass plastic door
• 2 adjustable feet at the front
• 2 wheels for relocation at the rear
• shelf dimensions (wxd) 38 x 49 cm
• dimensions (hxwxd) 202.5 x 60 x 60 cm
• internal dimensions (hxwxd) 164.5 x 50 x 45.5 cm
• weight 72 kg
• EAN - 4770104440014

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Dimensions 60 × 60 × 164.5 cm



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