Fridge display case Snaige CD350-100D

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Reliable refrigerated display case designed for commercial use in cafes, restaurants and shops. It is designed to store drinks and food. Thanks even air flow in the interior refrigerated display cases, allows the appliance to store both beverages and food at a stable temperature, which guarantees their long-term freshness. It is equipped with automatic defrost, internal fan and built-in LED lighting. The unobtrusive and elegant design fits perfectly into any interior, and in addition, for glass doors, you can easily change the opening direction with just two ordinary keys. Operation is simple and intuitive.

The refrigerated display case excels in the quality of workmanship and materials used, which is a guarantee of its long life and durability in demanding operation. It is environmentally friendly and does not contain any ozone depleting materials - R600a is used as a refrigerant, harmless C5H10 cyclopentane is used as a foaming agent to insulate the appliance. The manufacturer guarantees absolutely reliable operation at ambient temperatures from + 16 ° C to + 32 ° C and relative air humidity not exceeding 60 %.

Key properties

  • Refrigerated display case for commercial purposes intended for storing beverages and food
  • Equipped with automatic defrost, fan and LED lighting
  • Cooling temperature 0 ° C to 10 ° C
  • Internal wire shelves in white
  • Easily adjustable glass door with black plastic frame


• consumption per day 2.14 kWh
• consumption year 781 kWh
• total gross volume of 350 liters
• total net volume of 320 liters
• cooling temperature 2 ° C - 10 ° C depending on the environment
• automatic defrosting of the refrigerator
• climate class 3
• fan
• LED lighting
• noise 43 dB
• wire shelves
• 4 shelves
• shelf dimensions (wxd) 52 x 35.1 cm
• refrigerant R600a
• dimensions (hxwxd) 173 x 60 x 60 cm
• internal dimensions (hxwxd) 151.8 x 50.2 x 45.3 cm
• adjustable glass doors, plastic
• advertising attachment (additional, not included)
• weight 65 kg
• EAN - 4770104435454


Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 60 × 173 cm



Power consumption Energy





Total volume

Usable capacity of the refrigerator